Gardens and Parks

The Château de Chantilly is encased by majestic gardens and parks spanning almost 300 acres, themselves surrounded by the vast Forest of Chantilly. Between 1662 and 1683, André Le Nôtre achieved here one of his finest creations combining his signature perspective from the castle’s terrace, manicured French Gardens and waterworks,and the Grand Canal. The gardens served as a spectacular backdrop for the Grande Condé’s distinguished guests to enjoy opulent festivities and firework displays during his enforced exile at Chantilly.

Further enhancing the natural beauty of the site, the Anglo-Chinese garden and Hamlet were added during the 18th century under the supervision of the eighth Prince de Condé, Louis-Joseph. These elements represent the English spirit of combining a rustic setting with refined follies and perfectly matched the new trend for artificial effects. The Hamlet at Chantilly would later inspire the Petit Trianon created for Marie Antoinette at Versailles. The English Garden and its Isle of Love followed the 19th century as part of the restoration process after the Revolution. Various pavilions were installed, such as the Temple of Venus, to make excursions around the estate more attractive.

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