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Restoration of the Duke and Duchess d’Aumale’s Private Suites

Reviving a rare example of French decorative arts from the July Monarchy

In 1845-46, Victor Dubois and Eugène Lami created a beautiful suite of rooms for the Duke and Duchess d’Aumale’s private use. Located on the ground floor of the 16th-century Petit Château, they are one of the few authentic examples of French decorative arts under the reign of Louis-Philippe.

The Duchess’ private apartments include her bedroom and adjoining powder room, the Salon de Guise, and the Salon Violet. The Duke’s suite comprised a bedroom, the Salon de Condé, and a study.

A complete renovation program was launched in early 2016 to restore these rare furnishings to their original beauty. To support this project, please visit this page or contact us.

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